Why are Thai Constellation Monsteras so expensive? Are they worth it?

Plant lovers have been obsessing over the rare Monstera Thai Constellation since their initial availability in 2020. These rare and expensive houseplants share the oversized and fenestrated leaves as the Monstera Deliciosa. What sets them apart is their stunning creamy white starry patterns that appear splattered across the leaves, giving this plant its signature name. When people see that these plants can range from one hundred to several thousand dollars, the first question most people ask: Why are Monstera Thai Constellations so expensive?

The Thai Constellation’s beauty also comes with a price tag that is out of this world. It hasn’t been uncommon to see Thai Constellation plants listed for hundreds or thousands of dollars. Even small stem cuttings green leaves can command asking prices over $100. Why is this? And will the price ever come down? Let’s break down the brief history of the Monstera Thai Constellation to understand it’s high cost and what the future holds for this beautiful plant.

What is a Monstera Thai Constellation?

Rare Thai Constellation leaf with fenestration holes

Thai Constellation Monsteras are a relatively new rare plant that is taking over Instagram and winning the hearts of plant enthusiasts and hobbyists worldwide. First appearing in Thailand around 2020, this plant is genetically identical to the traditional Monstera Deliciosa, but has been carefully bred to encourage beautiful variegation in the form of splotchy green and cream coloring that resembles the night sky, giving it its signature name.

Monstera Thai Constellation vs. Monstera Deliciosa

The Monstera Thai Constellation is similar to the Monstera Deliciosa, but needs slight modifications to keep it healthy. The unique color pattern leaves on the Thai Constellation variety require more light and overall plant growth tends to be slower. The coloration across the leaves is actually a rare mutation that is similar to the Monstera Albo.

These rare plants, known for their signature variegated leaf patterns are also more prone to root rot compared to the Monstera Deliciosa. Soil should be kept on the dry side, with orchid mix or a succulent soil mix being ideal for these plants. Our comprehensive guide dives into the topic of Thai Constellation Monstera watering needs.

In order to propagate these plants while keeping the highly sought after variegated leaves, live tissue culture samples of node segments or “wet sticks” must be cultivated. Like the Monstera Albo, any plants grown from seed will lose the genetic mutation responsible for the stable variegation. As a result, seeded growth will revert to the all-green Monstera Deliciosa.

If you’ve successfully cared for a Monstera Deliciosa, a Thai Constellation would be a great addition to your plant collection.

Why are Monstera Thai Constellations so expensive?

thai constellation monstera leaf detail

The high prices for the Monstera Thai Constellation plants are a classic case of supply and demand. To get the beautiful variegation, Thai Constellations can only be propagated by live tissue culture, dramatically reducing their availability.

The dark green Monstera Deliciosa is genetically identical to the Thai Constellation, but because it can be grown from seeds, it’s easy for large-scale growers to grow thousands of these plants at once, compared to the slow-going approach of taking node or stem cuttings and propagating Thai Constellations.

Thai Constellation Origin and Growth Challenges

Costa Farms, the wholesale nursery looking to release the Thai Constellation Monstera for mass availability, experienced a major setback in early 2021 that resulted in a substantial loss of mature crop, further adding to this plant’s scarcity.

In fact, Costa Farms was hoping to release Thai Constellation Monstera plants to customers in 2022, only to put out a press release calling for a further delay which could be well into the mid 2020’s. Unfortunately, due to the slow nature of propagation and challenges growing the plants at scale, Thai Constellations will likely command a high price for months or years to come.

These issues make Thai Constellations continue to be an expensive plant due to their slow propagation and beautiful variegation.

Finding Thai Constellations deals from resellers online

If you truly want one of these gorgeous plants, you may find local plants available in limited supply from plant shops, your local nursery network or online from sites like Facebook Marketplace, Etsy or EBay.

What to look for in a reputable seller

Always exercise caution when looking for plants online. Established stores will have reviews, policies around damaged plants and returns, and open lines of communication to answer your questions. Legitimate sellers will offer plenty of photos showing the specific variegated patterns of the leaves, growth conditions and will offer to ship in soil or sphagnum moss.

Be incredibly cautious going this route and take moment to read the seller reviews, inspect the actual plant photos, and read through all shipping preparations and the return policy. This will help prepare you in case anything goes wrong in case your plant is lost or damaged in transit.

Buying a Thai Constellation Monstera locally

Buying locally will always be easier and will help avoid costly shipping fees and the trauma the plant will experience during shipping, especially if you’re looking to purchase during the cold winter months which add extra danger to the plant.

Thai Constellation supply and demand

Small expensive live tissue Thai Constellation Monstera plant in grower pot

With all of this, it’s worth asking if Thai Constellations will ever be easily available at your local nursery for a reasonable cost. While prices regular monstera have dropped as more resellers are making cuttings more available, Thai Constellations are likely still a few years away from picking up at your local nursery for a comparable price point to the Monstera Deliciosa.

Plant availability increases as prices drop

More plant distributors are secure supplies of Thai Constellations. While we’re likely a long time away from Thai Constellations available at the grocery store, specialty shops have been able to keep a small but steady supply in stock, with prices much less than their 2020 debut. This is likely the case of small and medium sized growers finally reaching some scale with their tissue cultures following the scarcity of 2021 and 2022. As production continues to ramp up, expect local inventories at specialty stores to continue to stabilize.

In the U.S. it now seems easy to get a Thai Constellation cutting shipped for less than $100, with reputable Etsy sellers going down to $70 during sales periods. Prices may continue to drop as more resellers continue to drive up low supply and competition.

Why are Thai Constellations so Expensive: Are they worth buying today?

Thai Constellation Monstera leaf

While this will vary depending on situation, there are a few questions to see if Thai Constellations are right for you to purchase soon. First, will this be your first Monstera plant? If so, it may be best to learn their nature with a lower-cost “starter plant” before springing $100+ for a Thai Constellation.

Secondly, if you pay a premium for a plant today, will you be upset 1-2 years if prices drop? If you’ll be happy with your more mature Thai Constellation while others may be more expensive plants just starting out at a lower price point, it may be a worthwhile investment.

Finally, would you consider selling any cutting from your Thai Constellation once it’s mature? Even at lower prices, this could help offset your original cost, if your plant survives to maturity. Like the variegated Monstera Albo, Thai constellation Monsteras grows slowly.

Taking a moment to think of these answers will help gauge whether buying a Thai Constellation in today’s market is the right decision. And remember: plants will only become more readily available given enough time.

Will Thai Constellations ever get cheaper?

We’ve already seen prices slide from their truly astronomical amounts from 2020, so this is already happening. But until growers like Costa Farms are able to produce the plants at scale, it’s unlikely that we’ll see 10”-12” plants – which today command $400 – $750 – drop below $100.

Again, this may happen, but we’re likely years from this reality. While prices will never hit rock bottom, having these plants available at a reasonable price more people are willing to pay is a goal for growers and buyers alike.

What’s a fair price to pay for a Thai Constellation?

It’s not unusual to see small 2-3 leaf Thai Constellation clippings available to purchase online for $75 – $100 depend on the specific, variegated leaves and leaf patterns with larger plants reaching several hundred dollars depending on size, variegation, and leaf quality.

This is about half the price of the same-sized plant during the summer of 2022, showing that these plants are becoming much more approachable for a larger number of growers.

While the sticker shock of these plants makes you wonder Why are Thai Constellations so expensive, the reality is today’s prices are actually a fraction of what they wereExpect this trend to continue, and know that Monstera Thai constellation price will fluctuate depending on plant size and quality.

Are Thai Constellation Monsteras Worth the Money?

We definitely think these beautiful plants is worth the money! This is going to vary from person to person, and depend on budgets, but the gorgeous coloration of new leaves and the ease of propagating mature Monsteras can not only make these a great plant to take home, you may eventually make a profit from caring for this absolutely stunning plant.

Answering the question of “Why are Thai Constellations so expensive” may take time to explain, but the reality is prices are coming down, so this perception may be changing. These plants may never be found on a big box bargain bin, but hopefully they continue to edge towards affordability for serious Monstera fans.

Should you really buy a Monstera Thai Constellation?

Monstera Thai Constellation plants are absolutely beautiful, so it’s no surprise that so many people desire them. A perfect storm of these rare plants almost being impossible to propagate from seed, challenges growing at scale, and difficulty finding great resellers has kept these plants out of reach for most growers who want one of these stunning Monsteras. While we all hope for mass availability soon, it will likely still be several years before you can find these at your local nursery at reasonable prices. Why are Thai Constellations so Expensive? Hopefully this article helped explain the rarity that makes these plants so sought after.

How to care for a Thai Constellation Monstera

Repotting a Thai Constellation Monstera

Hopefully after learning more about the background of these beautiful plants, you can better answer the question, “Why are Thai Constellations so expensive?”

Did you recently purchase a Thai Constellation Monstera or hope to soon? Be sure to read our Monstera Thai Constellation care guide to keep your plant happy or look at our soil and repotting guide if your Thai Constellation needs a larger pot.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a Thai Constellation Monstera?

A Thai Constellation Monstera is a rare and highly sought-after plant that is a variegated version of the Monstera Deliciosa. It is known for its unique white and green variegation and its ability to grow large, fenestrated leaves.

Why are Thai Constellation Monsteras so expensive?

Thai Constellation Monsteras are expensive due to their rarity and high demand. They are difficult to propagate and grow, which makes them a limited commodity. Additionally, their unique variegation pattern makes them highly desirable among plant collectors and enthusiasts.

How much do Thai Constellation Monsteras typically cost?

The cost of a Thai Constellation Monstera can vary depending on its size and availability. However, they typically range from $200 to $500 or more for a mature plant.

Where can I buy a Thai Constellation Monstera?

Thai Constellation Monsteras can be difficult to find and are often sold out quickly. They can be purchased from specialty plant nurseries, online plant shops, or through private sellers on social media platforms.

How do I care for a Thai Constellation Monstera?

Thai Constellation Monsteras require bright, indirect light and well-draining soil. They should be watered when the top inch of soil is dry and fertilized regularly during the growing season. They also benefit from high humidity and occasional misting.

Is the Thai Constellation Monstera rare?

The Thai Constellation Monstera is considered a rare and highly sought-after plant among houseplant collectors. The rarity of the Thai Constellation Monstera can be attributed to several factors, including its limited availability in the market, high demand from collectors, and the difficulty of propagating and producing this cultivar. As a result, it is often priced significantly higher than other Monstera varieties, and it can be challenging to find and even purchase one.

Which is more expensive: the Albo or Thai Constellation?

The Thai Constellation Monstera is more expensive than the Albo Monstera. This is because the Thai Constellation is even more rare than the Albo and has a more unique variegation pattern that is highly sought after by collectors. The Thai Constellation is also more difficult to produce and propagate, which contributes to its higher price point compared to the Albo.

Is the Thai Constellation worth the price?

It’s a personal preference. If you are a plant collector and appreciate the unique variegation pattern of the Thai Constellation, then it may be worth the price to you. However, if you are not particularly interested in the plant’s appearance, or if you are on a tight budget, then it would not be worth the investment. As an alternative, Monstera Deliciosa plants are common, affordable and beautiful.

What Monstera plant sold for $5,000?

The Thai Constellation and Albo Monstera have sold for thousands of dollars in the plant collectors’ market. However, one Monstera plant sold for $5,000: a Monstera obliqua.

Monstera obliqua is a rare and elusive species of Monstera that is known for its small leaves with narrow, oval-shaped holes. It is incredibly rare in cultivation. In 2018, a small cutting of a Monstera obliqua was sold for $5,000 on the auction site eBay, making it one of the most expensive plants ever sold. Luckily, these plants are easier to find today, although you will likely still pay a premium for small Monstera obliqua plants.

What is the rarest Monstera?

The rarest Monstera is the Monstera obliqua, a species of Monstera native to Central and South America. Monstera obliqua is known for its extremely small leaves with narrow, oval-shaped holes, which make it distinct from other Monstera species. It is notoriously difficult to cultivate and propagate, and there are only a few in existence. Other rare and sought-after cultivars of Monstera include the ‘Thai Constellation’ and Monstera deliciosa ‘Albo Variegata’.

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