Ficus Shiveriana “Moonlight” Ultimate Guide: Secret Care Tips Shared

Ficus Shiveriana “Moonlight” is a houseplant that has gained immense popularity due to its striking foliage and easy care requirements. This plant, also known as Ficus benjamina “Moonlight” or Weeping Fig “Moonlight,” belongs to the Ficus family and is indigenous to Southeast Asia and Australia. The variegated leaves of this … Read more

Council Tree Care: Your Complete Houseplant Guide to Thrive

Council Tree, or Cercidiphyllum japonicum, is a deciduous tree that hails from the lands of Japan and China. This tree is also known by other names such as Katsura Tree, Candy Floss Tree, or Caramel Tree, all of which are derived from its sweet fragrance that is reminiscent of burnt … Read more

Lofty Fig Care: The Ultimate Tropical Plant Guide

The Lofty Fig, also referred to as Ficus altissima or the Council Tree, is a highly sought-after houseplant that originates from Southeast Asia. This plant is renowned for its towering, slender stems and its grandiose, lustrous leaves that can grow up to a whopping 10 inches in length. As a … Read more

India Rubber Plant: The Complete Plant Care Guide to Thrive

India Rubber Plant in plant nursery

The India Rubber Plant, scientifically known as Ficus elastica, is a beloved houseplant that hails from the exotic lands of Southeast Asia. Its strikingly glossy leaves are a sight to behold, and its air-purifying abilities are nothing short of impressive. This plant is also known by the monikers Rubber Tree … Read more

Fiddle Leaf Fig Care: The Complete Guide to this Gorgeous Tree

Fiddle Leaf Fig Houseplant

The Ficus lyrata, a plant species that goes by the common name Fiddle Leaf Fig, has become a sensation in the world of interior design. Its leaves, which resemble violins, are quite large and visually striking, making it a favorite among plant enthusiasts. The Fiddle Leaf Fig is also known … Read more

Ficus Moclame Care: Your Complete Plant Guide to Thrive

The Ficus Moclame, also known as the Ficus Alii or Banana-Leaf Ficus, is a beloved houseplant that hails from Southeast Asia and Australia. As a member of the Ficus family, which boasts over 800 species of trees, shrubs, and vines, the Ficus Moclame is a true gem. It’s a plant … Read more

Variegated Rubber Tree Tips: Your Ultimate Plant Care Guide

Variegated Rubber Tree leaves

The Variegated Rubber Tree, also known as Ficus elastica ‘Variegata’ or the Variegated Indian Rubber Tree, is a plant that is highly sought after by plant enthusiasts due to its striking foliage. This plant is a member of the Ficus family and is native to Southeast Asia and India, where … Read more

Ficus Tineke Care: Your Expert Guide to a Beautiful Tree

ficus tineke plants in nursery

The Ficus Tineke, also referred to as Ficus elastica Tineke or Rubber Plant Tineke, has become a highly sought-after houseplant in recent times. This plant, which is a cultivar of the Ficus elastica species, boasts of stunning variegated leaves that showcase a blend of green, cream, and pink hues. It … Read more