The Best Plants for North-Facing Windows

The Best Plants for North-Facing Windows - Houseplant on windowsill

Having great lighting is one of the most important variables in growing healthy plants. Understanding the light your windows receive and how your location changes throughout the seasons will uncover which plants will do best in your home. With a northern exposure, you’ll be able to easily grow many tropical … Read more

The Best Plants for East-Facing Windows

Best Plants for East Facing Windows - houseplants in sunny windowsill

Having the right lighting is one of the biggest factors in plant care. And understanding the light provided by your windows and location will better explain which plants will do best in your home. With an eastern exposure, you’ll be able to easily grow most tropical plants that thrive in … Read more

Croton Care Guide

Croton plants with close-ups of their leaves

Many people like the bold and beautiful style of Croton plants. Their stunning yellow, orange and red accent colors matched with their dark green foliage make them incredibly popular with people looking to add a tropical vibe to their plant collection. Additionally, the Croton houseplant is readily available at a … Read more

How to Pick the Right Plant Pot or Container

The pot you choose to grow your houseplants don’t just have to look trendy – they also contribute dramatically to the health of your plants. Different materials have different reactions to the environment, and knowing how to pick the right plant pot can set you on the right path to … Read more

100 Best Terrarium Tips

group of terrarium containers with tropical plants inside

Terrariums are one of the most beautiful ways to grow and display plants. Striking glass enclosures bring a feeling of nature into our homes, and can range in design from miniature Victorian greenhouses, groovy 1970’s biomes or the contemporary blown glass containers of today. With their stunning looks come a new … Read more

Why are Fiddle Leaf Figs so Expensive? Are they worth it?

Popular among interior designers and houseplant enthusiasts for over a decade, the Ficus lyrata – better known as the Fiddle Leaf Fig – can be found today in most big box stores, local nurseries, or even grocery stores. You may notice that this popularity comes with a slightly higher cost. … Read more

Why are Thai Constellation Monsteras so expensive? Are they worth it?

Thai Constellation Monstera leaves

Plant lovers have been obsessing over the rare Monstera Thai Constellation since their initial availability in 2020. These rare and expensive houseplants share the oversized and fenestrated leaves as the Monstera Deliciosa. What sets them apart is their stunning creamy white starry patterns that appear splattered across the leaves, giving … Read more

10 Cat Friendly Plants that are Completely Pet Safe

Houseplants make beautiful additions to our home. The only problem is that many popular plants are very toxic to dogs and cats. If your pet is curious enough to sample a leaf or stem, they may end up unwell very quickly. To help keep our pets safe, we’ve assembled a … Read more

9 of the Best Low Light Plants that will Thrive in Your Home

Houseplants are perfect for bringing life to our homes. But not every room has the right lighting conditions to ensure all plants will thrive. Our list of the best low light plants is helpful to select a plant that will tolerate (or thrive) in rooms where there might be less … Read more

The Top Air Purifying Plants to Have in Your Home

reverse spider plant

While most plants are just nice to look at, these also let you breathe a little easier too. We’ve collected a list of the top air purifying plants to help detoxify your interiors. This is perfect if you find yourself spending more time at home and are worried about your … Read more