Alocasia Bisma Care Guide

Alocasia Bisma, also known as Alocasia ‘Dragon Scale’ or Alocasia ‘Silver Dragon’, is a tropical plant that has gained immense popularity among plant enthusiasts in recent years. This plant is native to Southeast Asia and belongs to the Araceae family, which is known for its unique foliage. The Alocasia Bisma … Read more

Alocasia Bambino Care Guide

The Alocasia Bambino, also referred to as Alocasia ‘Tiny Dancers’ or ‘Amazonica Dwarf’, is a highly sought-after houseplant that belongs to the Araceae family. This captivating plant is indigenous to Southeast Asia and is renowned for its distinctive foliage and compact size, making it an ideal addition to any indoor … Read more

Alocasia ‘Dragon Scale’ Care Guide

Alocasia ‘Dragon Scale’ is a plant that has been gaining popularity among plant enthusiasts due to its stunning and unique foliage that resembles the scales of a dragon. Its scientific name is Alocasia baginda ‘Dragon Scale’, and it belongs to the Araceae family. This plant is also commonly referred to … Read more