Ric Rac Cactus Care Guide

People love the beauty of Ric Rac Cactus plants. These days, they’re one of the most in demand plants in people’s homes.

The Ric Rac Cactus belongs to the Cactus group of plants. Although Ric Rac Cactus is the most common name, the official scientific name is Epiphyllum anguliger. The scientific name helps many people distinguish one plant from another one in the Cactus family.

This plant can prosper in a lot of indoor environments. By using the ideal light, amount of water and moisture, this plant can certainly live well too. These plants are an optimal pick for growing indoors. Learning about the certain sunlight, water, temperature and humidity, this plant requires will most likely really help it turn into a healthy plant.

How much light should Ric Rac Cactus plants get?

Proper lighting is one of the most essential keys to raising a nourishing Ric Rac Cactus. This plant really likes bright indirect light. In your house, the most beneficial method to provide this bright indirect light is a sunny window. Preferably, the plant will most likely do best if it receives at minimum 6 hours of indirect bright light each day.

It’s also better to stay away from direct sunlight – particularly during the harsh summer – to steer clear of burning the plant. Too little light can impact your plant. Ric Rac Cactus plants not receiving sufficient light can grow slower or drop leaves.

Your plants will likely always try to grow towards your space’s light source. Turn the pot a quarter turn each week to keep your plant well balanced. Rotating once a week can really help keep your plant looking full and in good shape. It also prevents favoring the part closest to its light source. Finding the perfect lighting balance will go a long way to making your plant happy. It’s no surprise that 60% of plant owners worry that their plants aren’t getting adequate sunlight.

How much water does the Ric Rac Cactus want?

Providing just the correct amount of water will go a long way to keeping your Ric Rac Cactus happy. And Ric Rac Cactus plants need to be kept on the dry side. They flourish when getting water every few weeks.

Not sure on whether or not to water your plant? It’s always better to wait. Just keep in mind – your Ric Rac Cactus always would prefer to be on the drier side. When you do water your Ric Rac Cactus, make sure to provide it adequate water to soak through the soil, resembling a powerful rainstorm. Filtered water is always better if it’s conveniently accessible to you. This will likely keep your plant free from chemicals frequently found in drinking water.

Tips to avoid Ric Rac Cactus overwatering

You should stay away from overwatering your Ric Rac Cactus. The primary cause of plant decline and death is overwatering.

What could happen if you overwater your plant? You may bring in pests or fungal infections that can be fatal. What’s the simplest way to avoid overwatering? Be sure to wait until the top inch of soil is fully dry between waterings.

Also, planting your Ric Rac Cactus plant in a pot that includes water drainage holes and a dish will help too much water effectively drain through. This approach keeps your plant from sitting in unwanted water. Without adequate water drainage, your plant could likely experience bugs and fungi as the root system sits in standing water.

How to prevent under watering Ric Rac Cactus plants

Underwatering your Ric Rac Cactus plant can also cause issues. Any time the top inch of your plant’s soil is dried out, it’s the right time to water. Ric Rac Cactus plants can take some dryness between waterings. You may discover your plant drying out as it attempts to retain moisture if you forget to water it routinely.

The best temperature for Ric Rac Cactus

Ric Rac Cactus plants grow best in regular indoor temperatures. It’s no surprise that Ric Rac Cactus plants do well at homes and office spaces given their flexibility. If your location has seasonal changes in temperature, it’s ideal to keep away from spots that could be subject to chilly drafts or substantial heat. Managing a constant temperature for your Ric Rac Cactus plant can keep your plant in good shape.

This means avoiding locations such as drafty windows or near doors used during cold months. Keeping your Ric Rac Cactus plant within a consistent indoor temperature will most likely keep it healthy and really help it prosper.

Best humidity for Ric Rac Cactus

As a part of the Cactus group, this plant wants to stay on the dry side. These types of houseplants do well in homes and offices with low humidity. Just as long as your Ric Rac Cactus is kept away from moist areas like showers and laundry rooms, your plant will live well.

Keeping moisture low for your Ric Rac Cactus plant

Considering that %%planttitles%% prefer low-humidity surroundings, it’s ideal to place them in dry spots of the home. Compared to other plants, they do not enjoy being misted with water. They also would not benefit from humidifiers or other approaches that keep moisture levels high for more tropical plants.

Special glass containers such as terrariums are helpful for keeping out undesirable moisture. Just place in a sunlit location and water sparingly to keep these plants more than happy and dry. These indoor plants are great for novices thanks to their hands-off approach and forgiving nature.

Ric Rac Cactus plants are additionally good to educate indoor garden enthusiasts about plants that need very little water.

Should I fertilize my Ric Rac Cactus?

Fertilizing your Ric Rac Cactus may provide more nutrients to let it grow stronger. When is the best moment to add fertilizer to your Ric Rac Cactus plant? Right before the spring growing season is generally most ideal. This will help your plant prepare to grow. It can also be a great opportunity to move your Ric Rac Cactus plant to a bigger pot. You may likewise use this moment to change old or compressed soil to promote new growth for the summer season ahead.

Are Ric Rac Cactus plants safe for pets?

Ric Rac Cactus plants are toxic and unsafe for cats, dogs and other pets. If you have any family pets that could be impacted, it’s best to shop for another plant, given the toxic nature regarding this plant to your furry friends.

What to search for in spotting the perfect Ric Rac Cactus at the plant store

Hopefully, our guide on PottedPlants.org has you well prepared to take care of your plant. At your neighborhood greenhouse, you should be able to get small Ric Rac Cactus plants that are 6″-7″ in height to bring home.

When choosing your plant, take a look for any discolored leaves, insects in the soil, or other signs of damage. This look will ensure your plant is in good shape and will do well in your house. Your new plant might take a number of weeks to acclimate to your house. It should adapt if you get it the appropriate care as described by this quick guide.

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