Money Tree Propagation: Making Water Cuttings of Pachira Aquatica

Money Trees add an air of elegance and zen calmness to any space. Surprisingly, most people are unaware that Money Tree propagation is a simple way to make more of these beautiful plants. Whether you’re trimming back a large mature plant or carefully shaping your Money Tree, the shoots you remove can become new plants for you or loved ones in just a few weeks.

What is a Money Tree?

Money Trees are among the most commonly grown indoor tree. Also known as Pachira Aquatica, their small stature and leafy green looks make it easy to bring a piece of nature inside.

Some Money trees have intricately braided stems, while others have a bonsai-look of a large overgrown trunk and small leaf shoots that create a mini forest canopy.

Why Propagate a Money Tree

Like many plants, Money Trees can be left to grow on their own or meticulously maintained. For those who want to keep the compact nature of their plant from the store, a periodic trimming will keep the plant looking sharp.

These cuttings can be discarded, but with some careful planning, these cuttings can also be used to grow new plants. As incredibly easy to care for plants, these cuttings could be great plant gifts for friends and family – even if your recipients aren’t known for being great with plants.

You can also keep the plants for your home or work to add some more greenery. Whichever you decide, experimenting with water cuttings is a great way to get into Money Tree propagation. Perfecting the techniques of water cuttings will help refine your skills to create new plants for gifting or selling.

Signs your Money Tree is Ready for Cuttings

Before diving into the steps needed for Money Tree propagation, we need to first understand if your plant is even ready for cuttings to be taken.

First, you’ll need at least one stem node in order for a successful cutting to form roots. Nodes can be seen as bulging segments of the stem, usually located where leaves branch from. Taking smaller segments, or just working with individual leaves won’t result in a root system being able to form.

🌱 Brush up on basic plant anatomy to understand the difference between nodes, stems and more with our guide 📚 >>

If you have at least one node segment that you can safely remove, and doing so will leave the main plant will enough leaves to continue photosynthesis, you can take the cutting!

In the next section, we’ll dive into the step by step process to take your cutting and help transform it into an entirely new plant.

Propagation with Water Cuttings

Using shears to remove Money Tree cutting
Cutting directly below a leaf node will give the cutting the most success in growth. We will also remove the leaf segment directly above this so the cutting can sit properly in water.

1. Taking Your Cutting
Find a node segment of your Money Tree and using a pair of sharp shears or scissors washed in warm soapy water, cut right below the node at a 45º angle.

Several money tree cuttings in water vase
I took a few cuttings. In a few weeks, they will begin to grow roots.

2. Growing Roots in Water
Place the new cutting in a glass or vase with enough water to cover the bottom half completely. Change the water weekly. You can also add in rooting hormone to encourage root growth more quickly, although this is not required.

Money tree cutting closeup of root growth
Here is a close-up of the roots just beginning to form. This plant still needs a few more weeks, but this is encouraging!

3. Waiting for Roots
Continue cycling the water at least once a week, or as it evaporates. In about 8 weeks, you should notice white barnacle-like bumps form along the bottom of the cutting. Keep water cycling until you notice narrow roots growing from the white root mass. This may take a few more weeks, especially if it’s winter.

Money tree cutting forming roots
By now, all cuttings have a root cluster starting. Long, stringy roots will form in 1-2 weeks and will be ready to plant in soil.

4. Moving the Cutting to Soil
When Roots are at least 2” long, your plant cutting is ready to be placed in soil. Gently relocate your plant into a new pot with tropical houseplant soil mix and water it vigorously. Keep the soil moist throughout the first few weeks by watering it frequently but with less water volume. This will encourage root growth and will help your new plant start its new life.

Closing Thoughts

Money Tree propagation takes several weeks but is well worth it for fans of these plants. They make great gifts and are a great introduction to propagation for more challenging plants. You can read our care guide on Money Trees and be sure to take a look at our container guide for your new cuttings to make sure you’re buying great containers to help your plants grow.

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