Tradescantia ‘Cradle Lily’ Care Guide: Keeping Your Plant Stunning

The Tradescantia ‘Cradle Lily’, also known as Moses-in-the-Cradle or Oyster Plant, is a beloved houseplant that is adored for its stunning foliage and effortless maintenance requirements. This particular plant belongs to the Tradescantia genus, which boasts over 70 species of herbaceous perennials that are indigenous to the Americas. The ‘Cradle … Read more

Kangaroo Vine Care: Your Comprehensive Tropical Plant Care Guide

The Kangaroo Vine, scientifically known as Cissus Antartica, is a fascinating and captivating houseplant that has taken the world by storm. This plant, which is indigenous to the land down under, Australia, is renowned for its unique and striking appearance, and is often referred to as the Kangaroo Paw Vine … Read more

Dischidia ‘White Diamond’ Care Guide: Encourage Your Plant to Thrive

Dischidia ‘White Diamond’ is a plant that has been gaining popularity among plant enthusiasts due to its unique and stunning appearance. This plant, also known as Dischidia nummularia ‘White Diamond’, belongs to the milkweed family and is indigenous to Southeast Asia. Its easy care and distinctive features make it an … Read more

Echeveria purpesorum Care Guide: Growing Stunning Succulents

Echeveria purpesorum plants

The Echeveria purpesorum, commonly referred to as the Mexican Hens and Chicks, is a succulent plant that is highly sought after by plant enthusiasts and gardeners alike. This plant, which belongs to the Crassulaceae family, is native to Mexico and is renowned for its stunning flowers and attractive rosette-shaped leaves. … Read more

Syngonium Moonlight Care Guide: Everything You Need to Know

Syngonium Moonlight, a beloved houseplant, is a member of the Araceae family and hails from Central and South America. Its striking foliage, with a pale green hue and silvery-white sheen, is a beautiful addition to any indoor space. This plant is also known as Arrowhead plant, Goosefoot plant, or Nephthytis. … Read more

Calathea ‘Royal Standard’ Care: A Step-by-Step Tropical Growth Guide

The Calathea ‘Royal Standard’, or Calathea ‘Medallion’, is a beloved houseplant that boasts breathtaking foliage and minimal upkeep. This tropical plant hails from South America and is a member of the Marantaceae family. Its leaves are the main attraction, with their intricate designs and hues that are sure to captivate … Read more

Calathea warscewiczii Care Guide: Keep Your Plant Looking Stunning

Calathea warscewiczii, also known as Goeppertia warszewiczii, is a plant that is truly a sight to behold. This tropical beauty hails from the lush rainforests of Central and South America, where it thrives in the midst of verdant greenery. Known by the monikers “Jungle Velvet” and “Velvet Calathea,” this plant … Read more

Calathea Bella Carlina: Guide: Tropical Care Tips from the Pros

The Calathea Bella Carlina, also known as Calathea Orbifolia or Goeppertia orbifolia, is a plant that is truly a sight to behold. With its stunning foliage and unique appearance, it’s no wonder that this plant is highly sought after by plant enthusiasts all over the world. As a member of … Read more

Calathea Cora Plant Care 101: Everything You Need to Know

Calathea Cora plant

The Calathea Cora, also referred to as Calathea lancifolia or Rattlesnake Plant, is a beloved houseplant that hails from the tropical regions of South America. Its foliage is striking and boasts unique patterns that are sure to catch the eye of any plant enthusiast. However, caring for this plant can … Read more