Calathea Misto Care Guide

Many people like the allure of Calathea Misto plants. Now, they are among the most popular plants in people’s homes.

The Calathea Misto comes from the Prayer Plants group of plants. Although Calathea Misto is the common name, the official scientific name is Goeppertia ‘Misto’. The scientific name helps lots of people distinguish one plant from another in the Prayer Plants family.

This plant can flourish in most indoor locations. Together with the proper sunlight, amount of water and humidity, this plant can live well too. The Calathea Misto is truly a great option as a houseplant. With the ideal mix of lighting, watering, temperature along with humidity, anyone can help your Calathea Misto thrive.

How much light should Calathea Misto plants get?

Proper lighting will ensure your plant receives enough energy to stay healthy and grow. Low to bright indirect light is great for this plant. In almost all homes, this can be gotten near a window that experiences at the very least 6 hours of sunlight daily.

Stay away from exposure to direct light to prevent burning the leaves of your plant. Pay close attention to light issues during the course of the warmer months, when sunlight is much more powerful. Balancing the proper amount of light will help prevent damage to your plant. And although this plant can withstand a low amount of light, it will not thrive in dark conditions like a basement. If there’s more than enough natural light to read effortlessly, your Calathea Misto plant should do just fine.

You’ll find that your plant will make an effort to grow towards the sunlight. Rotate the pot a quarter turn weekly to keep your plant balanced. This specific added move allows your plant get even lighting. This also stops your plant from leaning towards the light source. Getting the right lighting balance will go a very long way to making your plant happy. As many as 60% of plant parents say they are concerned their plants aren’t getting the ideal amount of sunlight.

How much should I water the Calathea Misto?

Lots of people struggle with identifying the correct amount of water to offer to their Calathea Misto plant. Like plenty of other houseplants, the Calathea Misto would prefer a medium to high quantity of water. They do well with weekly watering routines, and you’ll soon learn to adjust to the watering schedule of your one-of-a-kind plant.

But how much water is good enough? When you water, you should see the water totally soaking through the soil. Not only does this keep your plant healthy, it also promotes the growth of the roots. When possible, try to use filtered water for your hourseplants.

How to not overwater Calathea Misto plants

You really should avoid overwatering your Calathea Misto. The leading reason for plant decline and death is overwatering.

What may happen if you overwater your plant? You may bring in bugs or fungal infections that could be deadly. How can I stop myself from overwatering my Calathea Misto? Right before you water your plant, make sure the top inch of soil is absolutely dry. if it isn’t your plant doesn’t be in need of to be watered.

Also, putting your Calathea Misto plant in a pot that includes drain holes and a saucer will help excessive water efficiently drain out. By letting water to run through the planter, your Calathea Misto roots will likely stay drier than if the water was sitting in the planter. Without adequate drainage, your plant may experience bugs and fungi as the root system sits in standing water.

How to avoid Calathea Misto under watering?

Underwatering your Calathea Misto plant can also cause decline. Whenever the top inch of your plant’s soil is completely dry, it’s the moment to water. Calathea Misto plants can take some dryness between waterings. You may discover your plant drying as it attempts to retain moisture if you forget to water it regularly.

Calathea Misto temperature

Calathea Misto plants grow best in normal indoor temperatures. It’s no surprise that Calathea Misto plants do well at homes and workplaces given their flexibility. While pleasant indoors, your Calathea Misto may react badly to cold drafts, excessive heat, or other fluctuations in the environment. Managing a constant temperature for your Calathea Misto plant will keep your plant in good health.

Due to this, it’s best to stay clear of setting your Calathea Misto next to drafty windows or outside doors that are opened regularly during months that experience excessive cold or heat. Keeping your Calathea Misto plant within a consistent indoor temperature will most likely keep it healthy and really help it thrive.

What’s the best humidity for Calathea Misto?

Calathea Misto plants are part of the Prayer Plants family and really love environments with above average humidity. Additionally, if your plant is placed in a dry environment, you can see sluggish growth or a weak appearance.

What’s the best technique to maintain high humidity for your Calathea Misto plant?

Maintaining a higher moisture amount may be achieved in a couple of various ways. First, pick a spot of your home similar to a bathroom with humidity released following baths or showers. If you transfer your plant, simply be sure the temperature and lighting conditions are still great for your plant.

People can additionally purchase a low-cost spray bottle and mist the leaves of your Calathea Misto on a daily basis to keep moisture all around your plant. Does this look like too much effort? Mini humidifiers are a fantastic remedy to add a cool mist to the air. This is good for a lot of people and plants as well.

Keeping humidity levels high can let your Calathea Misto plant stay healthy.

Should I fertilize my Calathea Misto?

Fertilizing your Calathea Misto may give supplementary nutrients to really help it grow stronger. When is the great opportunity to add fertilizer to your Calathea Misto plant? Right before the spring growing season is often most ideal. Timing your fertilizer schedule to the growing season will likely really help your plant as it prepares for its annual growth stage. It can also be a great time to transplant your Calathea Misto plant to a bigger plant pot. Likewise, it could also be a terrific time to include new, nutrient-rich soil to change old or compacted dirt from the previous season.

Are Calathea Misto plants harmful to family pets?

The Calathea Misto is non-toxic to cats and dogs and is generally regarded as pet-safe. As a result, this plant could be a good plant to choose if your dog or cat has a tendency to bother your houseplants. Your plants will most likely do better if they are not disturbed by any pets or little ones.

What to search for in picking out the best Calathea Misto at the plant store

Think you can maintain a brand new Calathea Misto plant after checking this guide on When shopping, you may find small Calathea Misto plants at your local nursery. Often, you may manage to find plants that are about 8″-12″ to enhance your assortment.

There are a handful of things to look for to ensure you select a Calathea Misto plant that’s strong. Watch out for leaf problems, insects in the soil, or other signs of plant injury. This look will ensure your plant is in good shape and will thrive in your house. Your new plant might take a handful of weeks to adapt to your house. It should adjust if you get it the best care as laid out by this guide.

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