Chinese Evergreen Maria Care Guide

Chinese Evergreen Maria plants have quickly turned into a widespread success, alluring decorators as well as indoor gardeners alike to become one of the most popular houseplants for sale today.

The Chinese Evergreen Maria belongs to the Chinese Evergreen group of plants. The scientific title for the regularly nicknamed Chinese Evergreen Maria is Aglaonema commutatum ‘Maria’. The scientific name helps lots of people differentiate one plant from a different one in the Chinese Evergreen family.

Chinese Evergreen Maria plants flourish best with the conditions found in many homes as well as workplaces. Through prioritizing the best mix of lighting, watering, temperature as well as humidity, anyone can help this plant thrive in your own home. The Chinese Evergreen Maria is absolutely a fantastic choice as an indoor plant. Learning about the certain sunlight, water, temperature and humidity, your Chinese Evergreen Maria wants will likely really help it turn into a healthy plant.

Best lighting for Chinese Evergreen Maria

Supplying the right amount amount of sunlight for your plant will really help it grow and stay healthy. Low to medium indirect sunlight is most ideal for Chinese Evergreen Maria plants. A lot of rooms with windows that receive 6 hours of light are good for plants such as the Chinese Evergreen Maria that are within this category. Make sure you do not offer an excessive amount of sunlight for this plant. It’s ideal to avoid direct sunlight exposure. Doing this may run the risk of burning your plant. If the setting is too dark, such as in a basement or windowless room, you may not be offering adequate sunlight for your plant. A good rule is if there’s enough natural light to read effortlessly, the plant should do just fine.

You’ll discover that your plant will make an effort to grow towards the light. You can occasionally rotate your Chinese Evergreen Maria plant pot about a quarter turn each week. This particular added step helps your plant get even sunlight. This step also prevents your plant from leaning towards the light source. Finding the best lighting balance will go a long way to making your plant happy. The majority of plant parents say they are worried their plants are not having the ideal amount of sunlight.

What’s the most ideal amount of water for my Chinese Evergreen Maria?

Offering the best amount of water will ensure your Chinese Evergreen Maria plant will most likely flourish. Good watering habits keep your plant healthy and appealing too. In indoor spaces, Chinese Evergreen Maria plants do best by having a medium amount of water.

Totally saturating the soil once a week should be the proper schedule to keep your plant in good shape and will probably stregnthen the roots. Putting to use filtered water will most likely keep any hard chemicals far away from your plant too.

How to prevent overwatering Chinese Evergreen Maria plants

Never overwater your Chinese Evergreen Maria plant. The primary cause of plant decline and death is overwatering.

Overwatering can lure bugs or fungal infections that could kill your plant. What’s the simplest way to prevent overwatering? Right before you water your plant, ensure the top inch of soil is thoroughly dry. if it isn’t your plant does not really need to be watered.

Setting your Chinese Evergreen Maria in a plant pot that contains drain holes and a saucer guarantees run off water can appropriately drain out. By letting excess water to run through the container, your Chinese Evergreen Maria roots can remain drier than if the water was sitting in the planter. Without a drain, water can linger, attracting insects and fungus growth, causing root rot.

How to prevent Chinese Evergreen Maria under watering?

Underwatering your Chinese Evergreen Maria plant can also result in problems. Any time the top inch of your plant’s soil is dried out, it’s the right moment to water. Chinese Evergreen Maria plants can take some dryness between waterings. You may see your plant drying out as it makes an effort to retain moisture if you forget to water it habitually.

The most ideal temperature for Chinese Evergreen Maria

Chinese Evergreen Maria plants grow best in regular indoor temperatures. This makes them great plants for the home. While pleasant in your own home, your Chinese Evergreen Maria may respond adversely to cool drafts, excessive heat, or other fluctuations in the setting. Your plant will most likely stay healthy and grow if placed in an environment that’s unchanging at all times of the year.

For this reason, it’s better to refrain from setting your Chinese Evergreen Maria next to drafty windows or outside doors that get used often throughout periods that experience excessive cool or heat. Keeping your Chinese Evergreen Maria plant within a consistent indoor temperature will most likely keep it healthy and really help it prosper.

What’s the best humidity for Chinese Evergreen Maria?

These plants are members of the Chinese Evergreen family and favor environments with regular humidity, making all of them ideal indoor plants for homes. If the humidity in your home or office feels pleasant to you, your new plant can likely do well.

What’s the most effective tactic to sustain normal humidity for your Chinese Evergreen Maria?

It should be really simple to make your area inviting to your Chinese Evergreen Maria plant with its average humidity requirements. This might be more tough if you live in a particularly dry environment, or have chilly winter months that might lower the humidity lower than normal.

If this is the case, an inexpensive spray bottle may be used to mist your plants frequently to keep the humidity levels up. You can even pick up a small humidifier to add humidity to the air – for the benefit of you and your alike.

A steady moisture level will stimulate a stable growth environment to keep your plant healthy.

Chinese Evergreen Maria fertilizer

Like others in the Chinese Evergreen family, Chinese Evergreen Maria plants will react well to fertilizer. When is the best moment to add fertilizer to your Chinese Evergreen Maria plant? Before the spring growing season is usually best. This will help your plant prepare to grow. This may also be the most ideal time to see if you should relocate your Chinese Evergreen Maria plant to a larger plant pot if it looks to be getting a little cramped. Similarly, it could also be a terrific time to include new, nutrient-rich soil to switch out old or compressed dirt from the previous season.

Are Chinese Evergreen Maria plants harmful to pets?

Chinese Evergreen Maria plants are toxic and unsafe for cats, dogs and other pets. The poisonous attributes of these kinds of plants should make you rethink if this plant is ideal for your home if you have any pets around that have a tendency of eating some houseplants you could bring home.

What to shop for in choosing the perfect Chinese Evergreen Maria at the plant store

Do you think you can take care of a new Chinese Evergreen Maria plant after checking this overview on At your local greenhouse, you may be able to find medium Chinese Evergreen Maria plants that are 18″-20″ in size to take home.

There are a couple things to watch for to ensure you select a Chinese Evergreen Maria plant that’s healthy. Look out for leaf issues, bugs in the soil, or other signs of plant damage. Going through this extra step will let ensure you’re bringing home a strong and healthy plant. Give your plant enough time to adapt to its new home – remember, this is a big change for your new Chinese Evergreen Maria. Come back to reference this overview, and with any luck, you’ll have a healthy plant for many years to come.

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