Golden Barrel Cactus Care Guide

Golden Barrel Cactus plants have rapidly become a mainstream success, winning over decorators as well as indoor plant enthusiasts alike to turn into one of the most prominent houseplants for sale now.

The Golden Barrel Cactus is a member of the Cactus group. The scientific proper name for the frequently nicknamed Golden Barrel Cactus is really Echinocactus grusonii. This particular name helps differentiate it from very similar plant species in the Cactus group.

Golden Barrel Cactus plants grow best with the conditions seen in a large number of households as well as workplaces. By focusing on the best combination of lighting, watering, temperature as well as humidity, you can help this plant prosper in your own home. These plants are an ideal pick for growing inside your home. With the best mix of lighting, watering, temperature as well as humidity, you can allow your Golden Barrel Cactus flourish.

The right lighting for Golden Barrel Cactus

Receiving the proper lighting conditions will most likely really help it grow and stay healthy. This plant prefers bright indirect light. In your home, the most reliable means to supply this bright indirect light is a sunny window. These plants do better with at the very least 6 hours of sunlight every day.

It’s also better to minimize direct sunlight – especially throughout the extreme summer season – to steer clear of burning the plant. Additionally, too little light can affect your plant. Golden Barrel Cactus plants not receiving adequate sunlight will grow slower or drop leaves.

Plants will always try to grow towards your area’s source of light. You can occasionally rotate your Golden Barrel Cactus plant pot about a quarter turn every week. Rotating weekly will really help keep your plant looking full and healthy. This change also prevents your plant from leaning towards the source of light. Paying attention to the lighting is in need of for your plant will likely let it thrive. It’s not a surprise that more than 50% of plant owners worry that their plants may not be receiving enough sunlight.


How much water does the Golden Barrel Cactus need to have?

Learning about how much water your Golden Barrel Cactus genuinely is in need of will probably help you bring up a better plant. Interestingly, Golden Barrel Cactus plants need to have little water and would prefer to be dry. This means to only water sparingly when your plant seems like it needs water, every couple of weeks.

When in doubt about watering, it’s optimal to decide to hold back. Your Golden Barrel Cactus would always like to be underwatered vs. overwatered. When it is time to water your plant, make sure you provide adequate water to saturate through the soil. Watering with filtered water is often best. This will keep your plant free from chemicals frequently found in drinking water.

Tips to avoid Golden Barrel Cactus overwatering

Never overwater your Golden Barrel Cactus plant. 90% of houseplants that don’t survive are due to overwatering.

What can happen if you overwater your plant? You may attract parasites or fungal infections that could be deadly. How do I stop myself from overwatering my Golden Barrel Cactus? Wait until the top inch of soil is entirely dry between waterings.

Setting your plant in a pot containing drainage holes and a dish guarantees run off water can adequately drain. This step keeps your plant from sitting in excessive water. Without a drain, water can pool, attracting bugs and fungus growth, causing root rot.

How to avoid Golden Barrel Cactus under watering?

Underwatering your Golden Barrel Cactus plant can also lead to problems. It’s highly recommended that you water the plant once the top inch of soil becomes dry. Your timing does not need to be precise, and your plant may be a bit flexible on timing. You may discover your plant drying as it makes an effort to retain moisture if you forget to water it routinely.

The best temperature for Golden Barrel Cactus

Golden Barrel Cactus plants can do well in above normal indoor temperatures. They are best for three-season areas, porches or other areas that can get warm during the summer. These plants may even do well in buildings that are kept on the warmer side. Although Golden Barrel Cactus can nevertheless flourish in chillier bedrooms, you may see sluggish plant growth as this particular species really needs higher temperatures to achieve its full potential.

Avoid keeping your Golden Barrel Cactus plant close to drafty windows or outside doors used in the middle of chilly winters. These plants really love consistent interior temperatures, and maintaining stability can go a very long way to helping your Golden Barrel Cactus plant thrive.

Best moisture for Golden Barrel Cactus

As a member of the Cactus family, the Golden Barrel Cactus prefers to stay on the dry side. These particular houseplants perform great in places with low humidity. So long as your Golden Barrel Cactus is kept away from wet locations like showers and laundry rooms, your plant can perform well.

Keeping humidity low for your Golden Barrel Cactus plant

Since %%planttitles%% prefer low-humidity environments, it’s best to position them in dry locations of the home. While some plants admire to have misted with water, the Golden Barrel Cactus would prefer to stay dry. While tropical plants gain from humidifiers, Golden Barrel Cactus plants may respond adversely to high-humidity settings.

Botanists have also found that clear terrariums work very well for keeping moisture low for Golden Barrel Cactus plants. Keeping your Golden Barrel Cactus plant in a sunny spot and watering sparingly can probably be all you require to keep your plant happy. The low upkeep linked to lower watering and humidity needs makes Golden Barrel Cactus an appealing indoor plant for beginners.

Golden Barrel Cactus plants are also fantastic to teach indoor garden enthusiasts about plants that want very little water.

Should you use fertilizer with Golden Barrel Cactus?

Just like other plants in the Cactus family, Golden Barrel Cactus plants will react well to fertilizer. When is the ideal moment to incorporate fertilizer to your Golden Barrel Cactus plant? Right before the spring growing season is usually the best time. This will assist your plant get ready to grow. It might also be a good opportunity to move your Golden Barrel Cactus plant to a bigger planter. You can even make use of this time to switch out old or compressed soil to promote new growth for the summer season ahead.

Are Golden Barrel Cactus plants harmful to pets?

Golden Barrel Cactus plants are toxic and unsafe for cats, dogs and other pets. The poisonous quality of these types of plants should make you consider again if the Golden Barrel Cactus is right for your home if you have any pets around that have a tendency of ingesting any houseplants you may buy.

Picking out the best Golden Barrel Cactus plant at the greenhouse

Hopefully, our overview on has you properly prepared to take care of your plant. When shopping, you’ll likely find small Golden Barrel Cactus plants at your local plant store. Often, you will be able to get plants that are about 12″-18″ to contribute to your collection.

There are a handful of things to watch for to ensure you select a plant that’s healthy. Watch out for leaf issues, pests in the soil, or other signs of plant damage. This will ensure your plant is healthy and will develop in your house. Make sure you give your plant enough time to get used to its new home – remember, this is a big change for your new Golden Barrel Cactus. Come back to review this guide, and with any luck, you’ll have a healthy plant a long time to come.

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