Purple Waffle Plant Care Guide

Purple Waffle Plant plants have rapidly developed into a predominant success, drawing decorators as well as indoor plant enthusiasts equally to become one of the most favored houseplants for sale today.

The Purple Waffle Plant belongs to the Ivy family. The scientific label for the widely nicknamed Purple Waffle Plant is really Hemigraphis alternata. This specific name helps separate this one from very similar plant types in the Ivy family.

Purple Waffle Plant plants thrive best with the conditions present in a large number of households and workplaces. Together with the best sunlight, amount of water and humidity level, your Purple Waffle Plant can certainly live well too. These plants are an optimal pick for growing in your own home. With the ideal mix of lighting, watering, temperature and humidity, you can allow your Purple Waffle Plant flourish.

How much light do Purple Waffle Plant plants want?

Lighting is one of the most vital keys to raising a vibrant Purple Waffle Plant. Indirect bright sunlight will help your Purple Waffle Plant thrive. A sunny window is among the absolute best locations to find bright indirect light for houseplants such as the Purple Waffle Plant. These plants do better with at the very least 6 hours of sunlight daily.

It’s also better to keep away from direct sunlight – especially during the hot summer months – to avoid burning the plant. Too little light can impact your plant. Purple Waffle Plant plants not getting adequate sunlight will most likely grow slower or drop leaves.

Plants will always try to grow towards your space’s light source. Rotate the pot a quarter turn each week to keep your plant balanced. Turning every week will let keep your plant looking full and in good shape. This also stops your plant from leaning towards the source of light. Paying attention to the lighting requires for your plant can help it prosper. The majority of plant parents say they are worried their plants might not be receiving the proper amount of light.

What’s the absolute best amount of water for my Purple Waffle Plant?

The ideal amount of water will go a very long way to keeping your Purple Waffle Plant satisfied. Purple Waffle Plant plants need a very high amount of water to stay in good shape and continue growing. For Purple Waffle Plant plants, it’s ideal to water a minimum of once a week, fully soaking the soil so as to keep this plant satisfied.

Soaking through the soil will likely make sure you’re providing adequate water to keep your plant happy. Choosing filtered water will typically be best if you have access to it. This is especially true if your location has hard water or is chemically-treated.

How to avoid overwatering Purple Waffle Plant plants

Do not overwater your Purple Waffle Plant plant. Surveys tell us that more than 90% of indoor plant problems originate from overwatering.

Overwatering can lure pests or fungal diseases that can kill your plant. How do I stop myself from overwatering my Purple Waffle Plant? Just wait until the top inch of dirt is entirely dry between waterings.

Setting your plant in a pot containing drain holes and a saucer ensures extra water can properly drain out. This keeps your plant from sitting in unwanted water. Without appropriate drainage, your plant could likely see insects and fungi as the roots sit in standing water.

How to avoid under watering Purple Waffle Plant plants

If you underwater your Purple Waffle Plant, it could be equally as severe as giving it way too much water. At any time the top inch of your plant’s soil is dried out, it’s the right moment to water. Purple Waffle Plant plants can take some dryness between waterings. Look for visual symptoms of trouble if your plant is dry and attempting to keep moisture. Dropping and discolored leaves are a sure sign you might have forgotten to water your plant.

The absolute best temperature for Purple Waffle Plant

Purple Waffle Plant plants grow best in average indoor temperatures. This makes them fantastic plants for the house. If your location has seasonal changes in temperature, it’s best to steer clear of spots that can be vulnerable to cool drafts or substantial heat. Your plant can remain healthy and grow if placed in a place that’s consistent at all times of the year.

Due to this, it’s ideal to stay away from putting your Purple Waffle Plant close to drafty windows or outside doors that get opened frequently during seasons that include severe chilly or heat. By managing a stable interior temperature, your Purple Waffle Plant plant will have a long, happy life.

What’s the best humidity for Purple Waffle Plant?

Keeping your Purple Waffle Plant plant in above average humidity will likely keep it in good shape. Drier enviornments could adversely affect your plant, leading to slower growth or decline.

How to provide humidity for Purple Waffle Plant plants

Maintaining a higher moisture amount can be achieved in a few different ways. One way is to move your plant to a high-humidity room, such as a bathroom. Just make sure it’ll receive enough light and the correct temperature if you decide to relocate your plant.

You can also buy a low-cost spray bottle and mist the leaves of your Purple Waffle Plant on a daily basis to keep moisture around your plant. Not everyone has time to mist their plans, however. Mini humidifiers are a great remedy to add in a cool mist to the air. This is excellent for many people and plants as well.

Maintaining humidity levels high will most likely really help your Purple Waffle Plant plant remain healthy.

Purple Waffle Plant fertilizer

Like additional plants in the Ivy family, Purple Waffle Plant plants will respond well to fertilizer. It’s ideal to fertilize your plant at the beginning of the spring growth season. This will assist your plant prepare to grow. This could be the best moment to see if you should relocate it to a larger plant pot if it looks to be getting a little cramped. Likewise, it could also be a fantastic time to include new, nutrient-rich soil to switch out old or compressed dirt from the previous year.

Are Purple Waffle Plant plants safe for dogs, cats and pets?

While we’d never recommend you encourage your pet to nibble on your new Purple Waffle Plant, the leaves of this particular plant are considered non-toxic to pets. Picking a Purple Waffle Plant as a houseplant can be a fantastic decision if pets are a consideration in your decision requirements. Even still, placing your Purple Waffle Plant out of reach will make sure your plant may grow without having the anxiety that come with curious family pets.

Choosing the best Purple Waffle Plant plant at the nursery

Do you think you can grow a fresh Purple Waffle Plant plant after checking this guide on PottedPlants.org? Whenever shopping, you could find medium Purple Waffle Plant plants at your local plant store. Usually, you will manage to get plants that are about 6-9″ to contribute to your assortment.

When buying your houseplant, check the plant for any discolored leaves, pests in the soil, or other clues of damage. Going through this additional step will most likely really help be sure you’re bringing home a strong and healthy plant. Your new plant can take a couple of weeks to adapt to your house. Come back to check this guide, and along with any chance, you’ll have a healthy plant for many years to come.

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