Silver Leaf Philodendron Care Guide

Silver Leaf Philodendron plants have very quickly turned into a mainstream success, enticing professionals and indoor plant enthusiasts equally to become one of the most popular houseplants readily available right now.

The Silver Leaf Philodendron belongs to the Philodendron family. While Silver Leaf Philodendron is the common name, the more appropriate scientific name is Philodendron brandtianum. The scientific name lets lots of people separate one plant from another in the Philodendron family.

These plants thrive best in the conditions seen in many homes and workplaces. Through focusing on the best blend of lighting, watering, temperature along with humidity, you can help your Silver Leaf Philodendron flourish in your own home. The Silver Leaf Philodendron is certainly a good option as an indoor plant. Learning about the certain sunlight, water, temperature and humidity, this plant requires will most likely help it develop into a healthy plant.

How much light do Silver Leaf Philodendron plants need?

Proper lighting will ensure your plant receives enough energy to stay healthy and grow. This plant prospers in low to bright indirect lighting conditions. In a lot of homes, this can be gotten close to a window that experiences around 6 hours of sunlight every day.

For ideal effects, attempt to keep away from any kind of direct sunlight. Pay close attention to sunlight conditions in the middle of the summer, when light is significantly more harsh. Doing so will make sure that your plant doesn’t get burned. It is also better to steer clear of dark environments like basements to ensure your plant is getting good enough energy from sunlight. If there’s more than enough natural light to read comfortably, your plant should do just fine.

You’ll find that your plant will attempt to grow towards the light. Turn the pot a quarter turn every week to keep your plant balanced. This extra step allows your plant get even lighting. This small step also prevents your plant from leaning towards the light source. Paying attention to the lighting wants for your plant can help it flourish. As many as 60% of plant parents say they are worried their plants may not be having the perfect amount of sunlight.

How much water does the Silver Leaf Philodendron require?

Balancing the correct amount of water is vital to supporting new growth. Good watering routines keep your plant healthy and attractive as well. In indoor environments, Silver Leaf Philodendron plants perform well by having a medium amount of water.

Totally saturating the soil once a week should be the ideal routine to keep your plant in good shape and will most likely stregnthen the roots. Filtered water will certainly always work best, especially if your area has hard or heavily-chlorinated water.

Tips to prevent Silver Leaf Philodendron overwatering

Do not overwater your Silver Leaf Philodendron plant. Studies indicate that more than 90% of plant problems originate from overwatering.

What may happen if you overwater your plant? You may bring in pests or fungal infections that could be deadly. What’s the most convenient way to avoid overwatering? Before you water your plant, make sure the top inch of soil is entirely dry. if it isn’t your plant will not need to be watered.

Along with that, planting your Silver Leaf Philodendron plant in a plant pot that includes water drainage holes and a dish will help unwanted water efficiently drain through. This approach keeps your plant from being in unwanted water. Without adequate drainage, your plant would likely experience bugs and fungi as the root system sits in standing water.

How to avoid Silver Leaf Philodendron under watering?

Underwatering your Silver Leaf Philodendron plant can also cause problems. It’s encouraged that you water the plant once the top inch of soil becomes completely dry. Your timing doesn’t have to be precise, and your plant may be a bit adaptable on timing. You may notice your plant drying out as it makes an effort to retain moisture if you forget to water it on a regular basis.

Silver Leaf Philodendron temperature

Like many houseplants, Silver Leaf Philodendron plants like average indoor temperatures. It’s no surprise that Silver Leaf Philodendron plants do well at homes and workplaces given their adaptability. While pleasant inside your own home, your Silver Leaf Philodendron may respond adversely to cool drafts, too much heat, or other fluctuations in the place. Maintaining a consistent temperature for your Silver Leaf Philodendron plant will certainly keep your plant in good condition.

For this reason, it’s best to refrain from setting your Silver Leaf Philodendron next to drafty windows or outside doors that get used regularly throughout seasons that see severe chilly or heat. By managing a steady indoor temperature, your Silver Leaf Philodendron plant will have a long, good quality of life.

What’s the best humidity for Silver Leaf Philodendron?

Silver Leaf Philodendron plants do very well in spaces with regular humidity. This makes them very popular with a lot of people wanting to decorate their home or office using an easy-to-care-for plant. If you feel good with the air humidity in your home, the chances are your Silver Leaf Philodendron plant will also feel right comfortable.

How to manage moisture for Silver Leaf Philodendron plants

Given that these kinds of plants favor average humidity, it ought not be tough to make your home or office feel inviting to your plant. This could be more difficult if you are in an especially dry environment, or have chilly winters that can reduce the humidity lower than normal.

In case you find yourself in a drier setting, you can pick up a low priced spray bottle to mist your plant’s leaves. Additionally, you might want to think about buying a humidifier to add cool mist to the air for your and your plant’s advantage.

A constant humidity level will likely support a stable growth environment to keep your plant healthy.

Should I fertilize my Silver Leaf Philodendron?

Fertilizing your Silver Leaf Philodendron may provide extra nutrients to help it grow stronger. When is the right time to incorporate fertilizer to your Silver Leaf Philodendron plant? Just before the spring growing season is often the best time. This will assist your plant get ready to grow. It can also be a good time to move your Silver Leaf Philodendron plant to a bigger pot. Additionally, it could also be a fantastic time to include new, nutrient-rich soil to change old or compacted dirt from the previous season.

Is Silver Leaf Philodendron toxic to cats and dogs?

Silver Leaf Philodendron plants are toxic and unsafe for cats, dogs and other pets. If you have any pets that may be affected, it’s best to shop for another plant, given the toxic nature regarding this plant to your furry friends.

Choosing the perfect Silver Leaf Philodendron plant at the plant nursery

We hope our overview on has you properly readied to care for your Silver Leaf Philodendron plant. At your local plant nursery, you may be able to get large Silver Leaf Philodendron plants that are 10″-14″ in height to take home.

There are a couple things to watch for to ensure you choose a Silver Leaf Philodendron plant that’s strong. Look out for leaf issues, insects in the soil, or other signs of plant damage. Performing this extra step will let ensure you’re buying a strong and healthy plant. Your new plant may take a handful of weeks to adapt to your home. Come back to reference this overview, and with any luck, you’ll have a healthy plant for many years to come.

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