Philodendron Green Care Guide

Philodendron Green plants have very quickly developed into a widespread success, swaying designers as well as indoor plant enthusiasts as well to turn into one of the most popular houseplants available today.

The Philodendron Green belongs to the Philodendron family of plants. Although Philodendron Green is the most common name, the official scientific name is Philodendron. This particular name helps separate the plant from similar plant types in the Philodendron family.

The Philodendron Green can flourish in a lot of indoor locations. By paying attention to the appropriate mix of lighting, watering, temperature and also humidity, you can help this plant flourish in your own home. The Philodendron Green is genuinely a very good option as an indoor plant. Being aware of the certain sunlight, water, temperature and humidity, this plant needs will probably let it turn into a healthy plant.

Best lighting for Philodendron Green

Proper lighting will ensure your plant receives enough energy to stay healthy and grow. This plant flourishes in low to bright indirect lighting conditions. In a lot of homes, this can be gotten beside a window that experiences around 6 hours of sunlight daily.

For ideal results, try to steer clear of any direct sunlight. Pay close attention to sunlight conditions during the course of the summer months, when sunlight is a lot more harsh. Doing this will make sure your plant will not get burned. It is also best to avoid dark areas like basements to be sure your plant is getting enough energy from sunlight. On the other hand, if there’s enough natural sunlight to read comfortably, your plant should really do just fine.

Plants will probably always try to grow towards your area’s light source. You can slowly rotate your Philodendron Green plant pot about a quarter turn each week. Rotating each week will let keep your plant looking full and strong. It also helps prevent favoring the side closest to its light source. Keeping an eye on the lighting really needs for your plant will help it prosper. The majority of plant parents say they are concerned their plants are not receiving the right amount of sunlight.

How much water does the Philodendron Green need to have?

Balancing the correct amount of water is key to promoting new growth. Good watering habits keep your plant healthy and appealing too. In indoor areas, Philodendron Green plants perform better with a medium amount of water.

This means that once a week watering that fully soaks the soil will give enough water and motivate solid root growth. Using filtered water can keep any hard chemicals far away from your plant too.

Tips to prevent Philodendron Green overwatering

You should stay clear of overwatering your Philodendron Green. Studies show that more than 90% of indoor plant issues come from overwatering.

What can happen if you overwater your plant? You may entice bugs or fungal infections that could be fatal. How can I prevent myself from overwatering my Philodendron Green? It’s best to wait until the top inch of dirt is fully dry between waterings.

Besides that, putting your Philodendron Green plant in a pot that includes drain holes and a saucer will help extra water properly drain through. By letting water to run through the planter, your Philodendron Green roots will likely stay drier than if the water was stuck in the pot. Without a drain, water can pool, attracting parasites and fungus growth, causing root rot.

How to avoid under watering Philodendron Green plants

Underwatering your Philodendron Green plant can also result in issues. When the top inch of your plant’s soil is dried out, it’s time to water. Philodendron Green plants can take some dryness between waterings. You may observe your plant drying as it attempts to retain moisture if you forget to water it on a regular basis.

The most ideal temperature for Philodendron Green

Philodendron Green plants grow best in regular indoor temperatures. It’s no surprise that Philodendron Green plants do well at homes and offices given their adaptability. While pleasant inside your own home, your Philodendron Green may respond adversely to cool drafts, excessive heat, or other swings in the area. Sustaining a regular temperature for your Philodendron Green plant will keep your plant in good shape.

This means steering clear of spots such as drafty windows or near doors used during the course of cold months. Keeping your Philodendron Green plant within a consistent interior temperature can keep it healthy and really help it prosper.

What’s the right humidity for Philodendron Green?

These types of plants do better in rooms with regular moisture. This makes them incredibly popular with a lot of people looking to beautify their home by using an easy-to-care-for plant. If the humidity in your home or office is pleasant to you, your new Philodendron Green plant can likely do well.

How to manage moisture for Philodendron Green plants

Due to the fact that these plants favor regular humidity, it really should not be tough to make your home or office feel welcoming to your plant. On the other hand, if you reside in a dry desert climate or have very cold winters, you could notice the moisture drop to a less than perfect range.

If this is the case, a low-cost spray bottle could be used to mist your plants frequently to keep the moisture levels up. Additionally, you may want to think about getting a humidifier to add cool mist to the air for your and your plant’s benefit.

Keeping steady humidity will keep your plant strong and support new growth of your Philodendron Green plant.

Philodendron Green fertilizer

Like additional plants in the Philodendron family, Philodendron Green plants will respond well to fertilizer. It’s best to fertilize your plant at the beginning of the spring growth season. This will assist your plant get ready to grow. It might even be a great opportunity to transplant your Philodendron Green plant to a larger sized planter. You may additionally use this time to replace old or compacted soil to encourage new growth for the summer season ahead.

Is Philodendron Green toxic to pets?

Sadly, Philodendron Green plants are not safe for cats, dogs, or other household pets. The poisonous quality of these kinds of plants should make you rethink if the Philodendron Green is best for your home if you have any pets around that have a tendency of ingesting any kind of houseplants you may likely buy.

Selecting the perfect Philodendron Green plant at the plant nursery

Hopefully, our overview on has you properly readied to look after your plant. Whenever shopping, you’ll likely find medium Philodendron Green plants at your local plant store. Typically, you will manage to get plants that are about 14″-21″ to include in your assortment.

When choosing your houseplant, pay careful attention to any discolored leaves, bugs in the soil, or other indicators of damage. This check will ensure your plant is in good shape and will prosper in your house. Your new plant may take a few weeks to adapt to your environment. It should adjust if you offer it the best care as described by this quick guide.

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