Jade Pothos Care Guide

Jade Pothos plants have very quickly become a predominant success, drawing decorators as well as indoor gardeners as well to become one of the most prominent houseplants available now.

The Jade Pothos belongs to the Pothos group of plants. Even though Jade Pothos is the popular name, the more appropriate scientific name is Epipremnum aureum. This specific title helps differentiate the plant from similar plant varieties in the Pothos family.

These plants grow best in the conditions present in the majority of homes and also offices. With the best light, amount of water and humidity level, your Jade Pothos may live well too. These plants are really an ideal choice for growing indoors. With the right mix of lighting, watering, temperature and also humidity, you can help your Jade Pothos thrive.

The right lighting conditions for Jade Pothos

Proper lighting will ensure your plant receives enough energy to stay healthy and grow. The Jade Pothos prospers in low to bright indirect lighting conditions. Sunny windows are a perfect place for your plant. It really needs a minimum of 6 hours of daily sunlight to remain in good shape.

Stay away from exposure to direct sunlight to stay away from burning the leaves of your plant. This is especially true in the middle of the summer season, when sunlight is strongest. Doing so will make sure your plant does not get burned. It’s also best to prevent dark settings such as basements to ensure your plant is having enough energy from light. That being said, if there’s enough natural light to read effortlessly, your plant should really do just fine.

Plants will most likely always try to grow towards your area’s light source. You can slowly rotate your Jade Pothos plant pot about a quarter turn weekly. This extra action allows your plant get even sunlight. It also protects against favoring the part closest to its light source. Keeping an eye on the lighting really needs for your plant will help it prosper. More than half of plant parents say they are concerned their plants are not getting the proper amount of sunlight.

What’s the most ideal amount of water for my Jade Pothos?

Offering the most ideal amount of water will most likely make sure your Jade Pothos plant will likely thrive. Good watering routines keep your plant healthy and appealing too. Like many other houseplants, the Jade Pothos wants a medium amount of water.

This means that weekly watering that entirely saturates the dirt will offer sufficient moisture and stimulate strong root growth. Filtered water will certainly always work very well, particularly in the event that your location has hard or heavily-chlorinated water.

Tips to avoid Jade Pothos overwatering

You really should avoid overwatering your Jade Pothos. Overwatering is one of the more common reasons for plant problems.

Overwatering can entice bugs or fungal infections that could kill your plant. What’s the simplest way to avoid overwatering? It’s best to wait until the top inch of dirt is entirely dry between waterings.

Setting your plant in a pot that contains drain holes and a tray ensures excess water can appropriately drain. This approach keeps your plant from sitting in unwanted water. Without proper drainage, your plant may see pests and fungus as the root system sits in standing water.

How to avoid Jade Pothos under watering?

Underwatering your Jade Pothos plant can also cause problems. It’s encouraged that you water the plant once the top inch of soil becomes completely dry. Your timing does not have to be precise, and your plant can be a little bit flexible on timing. You may notice your plant drying out as it tries to retain moisture if you forget to water it regularly.

The absolute best temperature for Jade Pothos

Jade Pothos plants grow best in normal indoor temperatures. This makes them great plants for the house. If your area encounters seasonal changes in temperature, it’s better to steer clear of areas that can be prone to cool drafts or excessive heat. Your plant will likely stay healthy and grow if stored in a setting that’s constant at all times of the year.

For this reason, it’s best to avoid placing your Jade Pothos close to drafty windows or exterior doors that get used frequently throughout periods that include harsh cool or heat. Keeping your Jade Pothos plant within a steady indoor temperature will probably keep it healthy and let it prosper.

Best moisture for Jade Pothos

These plants are members of the Pothos family and prefer settings with average humidity, making all of them ideal houseplants for homes. If the humidity in your home or office feels pleasant to you, your new Jade Pothos plant will most likely do well.

How to maintain moisture for Jade Pothos plants

Since these plants want regular humidity, it really should not be tough to make your office or home feel welcoming to your plant. However, if you are in a dry arid climate or have very harsh winters, you might spot the moisture drop to a barely optimal range.

If this is the case, a low-cost spray bottle can be used to mist your plants frequently to keep the humidity up. Also, you might want to think about investing in a humidifier to add cool mist to the air for your and your Jade Pothos plant’s benefit.

A constant humidity level will likely stimulate a stable growth environment to keep your plant healthy.

Should you use fertilizer with Jade Pothos?

Just like other plants in the Pothos family, Jade Pothos plants will respond well to added nutrients. It’s best to fertilize your plant before the spring growth season. Timing your fertilizer timetable to the growing season can really help your plant as it readies for its annual growth stage. It can even be a great opportunity to move your Jade Pothos plant to a larger pot. Likewise, it could also be a fantastic time to add in new, nutrient-rich soil to replace old or compressed dirt from the previous season.

Are Jade Pothos plants harmful to family pets?

Jade Pothos plants are toxic and unsafe for cats, dogs and other pets. The poisonous attributes of these kinds of plants should make you reconsider if this particular plant is best for your home if you have any pets around that have a tendency of eating some houseplants you could bring home.

What to look for in picking the most ideal Jade Pothos at the nursery

Hopefully, our overview on PottedPlants.org has you properly readied to take care of your plant. At your neighborhood greenhouse, you should manage to get large Jade Pothos plants that are 10″-13″ in size to bring home.

There are a couple of things to watch for to make sure you buy a plant that’s strong. Look out for leaf issues, bugs in the soil, or other signs of plant trauma. Performing this extra step can really help be sure you’re getting a strong and healthy plant. Make sure you give your plant time to adapt to its new home – remember, this is a major move for your new Jade Pothos. It should adjust if you provide the right care as detailed by this overview.

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