The Most Popular Purple Leaf Houseplants We’re Obsessed With

With so may plant varieties available, it’s no surprise that people are looking for houseplants that make a statement. The demand for unique plants has increased dramatically, with a boom for those seeking out purple foliage specifically. If you’re looking to bring home something a bit out of the ordinary with lush leaves and uniquely dark colors, this guide centering around the most popular purple leaf houseplants is perfect for you.

Raven ZZ Plant

We’re big fans of the traditional Zamioculcas zamiifolia, better known as the ZZ Plant, but recent variation is giving the ZZ family a dark refreshed look. The Raven ZZ Plant looks exactly like the traditional Zamioculcas zamiifolia, except for its dark purple leaves that add more intrigue compared to the traditional ZZ’s green foliage. The best part? The Raven ZZ Plant is just as easy to care for as the traditional ZZ, making it a hardy addition (or gift) to any plant collection.

Tradescantia Pink Panther

Tradescantia Pink Panther in pot

While better known for their pink highlights, the Pink Panther Tradescantia brings beautiful purple undertones to the backside of each leaf, making them one of the most colorful additions to any plant collection. They also love lighting that ranges from mid to bright indirect light, helping them feel at home in a variety of locations. When grouped with other plants, their pop of color instantly adds texture and color, making them great statement pieces, or keep them alone to get all of the attention from your guests. However you decide to use your Pink Panther Tradescantia, it’s gorgeous leaves and care-free demeanor make it one of the most popular purple leaf houseplants you can get.

Philodendron Black Cardinal

Like the name implies, the Black Cardinal Philodendron is a darker leaf variation on the traditional philodendron plant. While it has the basic branching structure of the traditional philodendron, it’s beautiful dark purple leaves help set the Black Cardinal apart from the rest of the philodendron family, and make it a standout when grouped with other bright green plants.

Its beauty helps it standout in lush tropical landscaping, or part of an indoor collection of plants in any season. Wherever you keep it, the Philodendron Black Cardinal will add a sense of tropical allure to any environment. Like other philodendrons, it loves bright indirect light and plenty of water, making this an overall standout tropical plant that we also consider one of the most popular purples leaf houseplants available today.

Tradescantia Burgundy

If the Tradescantia Pink Panther is too pink, you may like it’s more mellow cousin – the Tradescantia Burgundy. Like its name implies, the Burgundy Tradescantia variant ditches the Pink Panther’s carefree pink strokes for a darker purple matte texture with gentle pops of green undertones. These plants do incredibly well in medium to bright light, and do great in outdoor planters or a variety of indoor environments.

Like other plants on the most popular purple leaf houseplants list, they look striking when paired with brighter green plants to add color and texture to any garden, plant corner or centerpiece. They also will grow into ornate vines and love humidity, making them an ideal choice for outdoor gardens, especially if your summers are hot and humid.

Ficus Elastica Burgundy Rubber Plant

ficus burgundy in nursery pots

Ficus Elastica Burgundy has been a staple houseplant in homes and offices for decades. It’s also one of the best purple leaf houseplants – due to its hardy nature, large oblong dark leaves and gorgeous structure that helps it be one of the easiest to find houseplants in local nurseries.

To add more allure, it’s dark leaves have jolting-red undersides that become easier to see as the plant grows taller. This rubber plant is easier to care for than its cousin, the Fiddle Leaf Fig, and looks striking when paired with a Ficus Ruby. The Ficus Elastica Burgundy Rubber Plant is the perfect balance between subtle and showstopper.

Ficus Ruby

ficus tineke plants in nursery

Where the Ficus Elastica is toned down and subtle, the Ficus Ruby is loud and proud. Its leaves boast beautiful dark purple, creamy white and dark green tones set almost like a watercolor landscape. Like its cousin the Burgundy Rubber Plant, it can tolerate a variety of lighting conditions, but will do best in bright indirect light, making it a clear winner for a variety of indoor conditions. This dwarf tree is the perfect way to add new pops of color and texture to any plant collection. Overall, it’s easy temperament, and artistic leaves make it one of our top picks for the best purple houseplants easily available today.

That’s a Wrap on the Best Purple Leaf Houseplants

If you’re looking for a break from traditional greenery, a gorgeous purple leaf houseplant might be right for you. In nature, purple foliage only occurs in the most ideal circumstances, so bringing home one of these plants will add rarity to your collection. We hope you can find a popular purple leaf houseplant to thrive in your home.

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