Homalomena Emerald Gem Care: Your Comprehensive Plant Guide

Homalomena Emerald Gem plant

The Homalomena Emerald Gem, or Homalomena rubescens, is a tropical plant that hails from Southeast Asia. It’s a member of the Araceae family and is often called the “Emerald Gem” because of its stunning emerald green leaves. This plant is a popular choice for houseplant enthusiasts because it’s easy to … Read more

Homalomena Selby: The Complete Tropical Plant Care Guide

Homalomena Selby, a tropical plant that belongs to the Araceae family, is a true gem of Southeast Asia. With its attractive foliage and ease of care, it’s no wonder that this plant is commonly grown as a houseplant. But did you know that Homalomena Selby is also known by other … Read more