Why Are Your Monstera Leaves Turning Brown? Tips to Revive Your Plant!

Monstera leaves

The mighty Monsteras, also referred to as Swiss cheese plants, are a highly sought-after option for both indoor and outdoor gardening enthusiasts alike. These tropical plants are indigenous to the rainforests of Central and South America and are renowned for their large, glossy leaves that boast unique perforations and splits … Read more

Fiddle Leaf Fig Leaf Problems: Fixes You Need to Know!

Healthy Fiddle Leaf Fig plant

Fiddle Leaf Figs, scientifically known as Ficus lyrata, have become a household name in recent years. Their striking appearance and large, glossy leaves have made them a popular choice for both homes and offices alike. However, despite their undeniable beauty, fiddle figs are not immune to problems. Many growers have … Read more

Trouble in Paradise: Common Leaf Problems Plaguing Your Money Tree

money tree plant leaves

Money trees, also known as Pachira aquatica, are a popular choice for houseplants due to their reputation for bringing good luck and prosperity to their owners. Their large, glossy leaves are also noteworthy, as they resemble a hand with five fingers. While these leaves are typically green, some varieties may … Read more

Philodendron Birkin Losing Variegation: Why is my Birkin Turning All Green?

Philodendron Birkin variegation leaves

If you’re interested in the Philodendron Birkin, it’s likely that you were sold on its signature white and green leaf patterns. A strange phenomenon can impact these plants: Philodendron Birkin losing variegation patterns has been witnessed. Understanding this plant’s origin, variegation issues, and how to combat variegation loss will keep … Read more

Fiddle Leaf Fig has Roots Above Soil

Fiddle leaf fig roots above soil in plant pot

Confession time: This winter, I haven’t paid much attention to my Fiddle Leaf Fig. Having it for a few years, I know it doesn’t grow during the winter months. While watering today, I noticed something: my Fiddle Leaf Fig has roots above the soil. After researching, I learned more about … Read more