The Top Air Purifying Plants to Have in Your Home

reverse spider plant

  While most plants are just nice to look at, these also let you breathe a little easier too. We’ve collected a list of the top air purifying plants to help detoxify your interiors. This is perfect if you find yourself spending more time at home and are worried about … Read more

The Most Popular Purple Leaf Houseplants We’re Obsessed With

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6 of the Best Dark Green Plants that are Easy to Grow

Monstera leaves with fenestrations

Today’s plant enthusiasts have so many options when selecting a new houseplant to buy. Nurseries today stock a variety of plants ranging in different sizes and colors to fit any preference. And while trends may come and go, dark green plants have been proven to be a timeless choice for … Read more

10 Houseplants that are Hard to Kill

snake plant details - sansevieria laurentii

Do you love houseplants but worry about keeping them alive? Or do you have a horror story about finding the perfect plant only to have it die a few months later? Good news: you aren’t alone! This guide features only affordable plants that are hard to kill. As many people … Read more