Monstera Deliciosa Care Guide

Lots of people admire the style of Monstera Deliciosa plants. These days, they are one of the most popular plants in people’s homes.

The Monstera Deliciosa belongs to the Monstera group of plants. The scientific proper name for the usually nicknamed Monstera Deliciosa is Monstera Deliciosa. The scientific name really helps people separate one plant from another in the Monstera family.

This plant can flourish in a lot of indoor locations. By prioritizing the right mix of lighting, watering, temperature as well as humidity, anyone can help this plant flourish in your own home. These plants are really an ideal choice for growing in your own home. Learning about the specific sunlight, water, temperature and humidity, this plant demands will let it develop into a healthy plant.

How much light should Monstera Deliciosa plants get?

Proper lighting will ensure your plant receives enough energy to stay healthy and grow. It flourishes in low to bright indirect lighting conditions. Sunny windows are an optimal location for your plant. This plant needs at minimum 6 hours of daily sunlight to stay in good shape.

For best results, attempt to avoid any direct sunlight. This is specifically true throughout the summer season, when sunlight is strongest. Doing this will ensure your plant will not get burned. And while this plant can withstand a small amount of light, it will not survive in dark conditions such as a basement. Does your room get good enough light for you to read comfortably? If so, it’s probably OK for it to do well.

You’ll notice that your plant will attempt to grow towards the light. You can occasionally rotate your Monstera Deliciosa plant pot about a quarter turn every week. This extra step allows your plant get even lighting. It also avoids favoring the part closest to its light source. Focusing on the lighting really needs for your plant will most likely help it thrive. It’s no surprise that more than 50% of plant owners worry that their plants aren’t receiving enough sunlight.


How much should I water the Monstera Deliciosa?

Providing the most ideal amount of water will ensure your Monstera Deliciosa plant will likely flourish. Good watering routines keep your plant healthy and appealing as well. Such as many other houseplants, the Monstera Deliciosa likes a medium amount of water.

Completely soaking the soil once a week should be the ideal routine to keep your plant in good shape and will likely stregnthen the roots. Filtered water will certainly work most effectively, even more so in the case that your local area has hard or heavily-chlorinated water.

How to not overwater Monstera Deliciosa plants

Never overwater your Monstera Deliciosa plant. The leading reason for plant decline and death is overwatering.

What could happen if you overwater your plant? You may attract pests or fungal infections that can be deadly. How can I stop myself from overwatering my Monstera Deliciosa? Before you water your plant, ensure the top inch of soil is completely dry. if it isn’t your plant does not need to be watered.

Also, planting your Monstera Deliciosa plant in a planter that includes drainage holes and a saucer will help unwanted water properly drain out. This approach keeps your plant from sitting in too much water. Without proper water drainage, your plant could see bugs and fungi as the roots sit in standing water.

How to avoid under watering Monstera Deliciosa plants

Underwatering your Monstera Deliciosa plant can also lead to issues. At any time the top inch of your plant’s soil is completely dry, it’s the right moment to water. Monstera Deliciosa plants can take some dryness between waterings. Look out for visual signs of distress if your plant is dry and attempting to keep water. Dropping and discolored leaves are a definitely sign you may have forgotten to water your plant.

The most ideal temperature for Monstera Deliciosa

Like many houseplants, Monstera Deliciosa plants would prefer average indoor temperatures. This makes them good plants for the office. If your region experiences seasonal changes in temperature, it’s better to keep away from spots that might be vulnerable to cold drafts or excessive heat. Maintaining an even temperature for your Monstera Deliciosa plant will likely keep your plant healthy.

This means avoiding areas like drafty windows or near doors used throughout cold winter months. Keeping your Monstera Deliciosa plant within a stable indoor temperature will probably keep it healthy and let it thrive.

Best humidity for Monstera Deliciosa

Keeping your Monstera Deliciosa plant in above average humidity will probably keep it healthy. Drier enviornments could negatively affect your plant, leading to slow growth or decline.

What’s the best technique to sustain high humidity for your Monstera Deliciosa plant?

Maintaining a higher humidity amount can be done in a few different ways. To begin with, go for a place of your home comparable to a bathroom with humidity released following baths or showers. But ensure that it’ll receive ample sunlight and the appropriate temperature if you decide to move your plant.

You can even buy an affordable spray bottle and mist the leaves of your Monstera Deliciosa daily to keep moisture all around your plant. Not everyone has time to mist their plans, though. Mini humidifiers are a terrific approach to add in a cool mist to the air. This step is great for people and plants as well.

Keeping an above average level of humidity will serve added growth and the health and wellness of your Monstera Deliciosa plant.

Should I fertilize my Monstera Deliciosa?

Just like other plants in the Monstera family, Monstera Deliciosa plants will respond well to added nutrients. It’s ideal to fertilize your plant before the spring growth season. This will assist your plant prepare to grow. It can also be a good time to transplant your Monstera Deliciosa plant to a bigger pot. You may even use this moment to replace old or compacted soil to promote new growth for the summer season ahead.

Are Monstera Deliciosa plants safe for family pets?

Monstera Deliciosa plants are toxic and unsafe for cats, dogs and other pets. If you have any household pets that could be affected, it’s ideal to search for another plant, given the toxic nature of this plant to your furry friends.

What to look for in choosing the best Monstera Deliciosa at the nursery

Think you can take care of a new Monstera Deliciosa plant after checking this guide on At your local greenhouse, you may be able to get large Monstera Deliciosa plants that are 19″-24″ in size to bring home.

There are a couple of things to look for to ensure you choose a Monstera Deliciosa plant that’s strong. Keep an eye out for leaf damage, pests in the soil, or other signs of plant injury. Making this additional step will most likely help make sure you’re bringing home a strong and healthy plant. Make sure you give your plant enough time to adjust to its new home – don’t forget, this is a big change for your new houseplant. The plant should adjust if you offer it the right care as detailed by this guide.

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